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That which we call a rose...

I've been 'umming' and 'ahhing' for a year or so about the name "Little Ships". I got the idea of using it after seeing the film 'Dunkirk' last year with the family. It made a big impact on all of us, the kids especially. (read more...)

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Where to put Millions of New Homes

Are you worried about the British countryside? The edges of our villages, towns and cities are growing outwards with lots and lots of new housing. The locations seem opportunistic to me; the result of a scarcity of building sites and bubbly land speculation. (read more...)


The Journey begins...

Soft and quiet launch of the website. Lots of work to do. Great work from James at Groundnation, it's beginning to feel real now. Hoping not to meet any witches. . .   (read more...)