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circumlocution office

The Circumlocution Office

The Circumlocution Office as imagined by Dickens is so enjoyed by many because the parody is rooted in reality. The letters below on this page give a little snapshot of the responses from various local and central government agencies received over the years when trying to raise awareness of the Little Ships idea. (read more...)

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What have these four got in common?

Apart from the Y-chromosome and neck-tie, there's a few pairings: Charles and Boris are both public school educated, Ken and Peter (Peter Kyle, local MP) are both state school educated. Ken and Boris are both ex-London mayors, Charles and Peter are known for their advocacy of the environment. (read more...)

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red queen

Curiouser and Curiouser...

PR said not to blog too much. (Twice a year OK, Jo? :-)   So, we think an entire blog post dedicated to administration. is what you all need. Summary of what's been happening in 2019 so far:

It took a mighty 5 months to get the CIC formed. Long and boring story. (read more...)

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First day at work

Little Ships' first day at work hasn't actually happened yet as this would require paid staff. Here are some random notes on recent events:

Been hunting for a key worker union rep re. Target project no. 1. One phone call and already deep in the Gilliam-esque world of this very very large public institution. (read more...)

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That which we call a rose...

I've been 'umming' and 'ahhing' for a year or so about the name - Little Ships. I got the idea of using it after seeing the film 'Dunkirk' last year with the family. It made a big impact on all of us, the kids especially. (read more...)

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Where to put millions of new homes

Are you worried about the British countryside? The edges of our villages, towns and cities are growing outwards with lots and lots of new housing. The locations seem opportunistic to me; the result of a scarcity of building sites and bubbly land speculation. (read more...)

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The journey begins...

Soft and quiet launch of the website. Lots of work to do. Great work from James at Groundnation, it's beginning to feel real now. Hoping not to meet any witches. . . Little Ships – the not-for-profit organisation with the solution to our housing crisis. (read more...)

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