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Fed up with the housing crisis?

We’re going to build lots of affordable homes in towns and cities around the UK on under-used publicly owned land. Get a community-owned home with us.

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Community homes on publicly owned land

Some councils are selling or giving their land to their community groups. If enough people register with us, we can build homes for you and your community.

Click here and here for examples of councils transferring land to properly constituted asset-locked community groups.

Greyfield can be difficult to redevelop but British architects, engineers and manufacturers are among the best in the world, and if a public body isn’t going to make use of its greyfield, we can.


Who are we?

Little Ships Housing CIC is a non-profit property developer, incorporated as a Community Interest Company. We've spent the last five years trying and failing to convince cash strapped public bodies to build affordable homes on their underused land.

Now we're helping communities to build these homes, any 'profit' that we make goes back into providing affordable homes.

The name "Little Ships" refers to the rescue mission during the last war, when a previous generation organised an enormous  flotilla of ships to solve an existential problem. Read more here.

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Where will these homes be?

On publicly owned underused land in our towns and cities, that is, the airspace over car-parks and the rooftops of buildings.

We call it “greyfield” and whilst not all car-parks and buildings are suitable, our audits of cities across the UK show that many are if you use good architects.

Why now?

Hundreds of these homes are already in planning, and advances in factory-built home manufacturing means that it is now viable to build affordable, decent and secure homes on otherwise unviable publicly owned greyfield.

Click here to see examples of greyfield homes currently in planning around the UK.


How do I get involved?

Send us an email to register your interest in one of our affordable homes, don't forget to include the name of your town or city in the email. The more people who register with us, the more legitimacy we have.

When we get control of a site, you can join us or one of our partner community groups to rent and/or buy a share of your home. We'll help set it up but you will control your home when it’s built as part of your community group, there’ll be no 'middle-men'.

I’m in ... Now what?

When we get enough residents (or workers) in a town or city, we will organise you into community groups to start lobbying the custodians of the underused publicly owned land to let your community build and own homes on it.

We'll get designs drawn up, get planning permissions, get funding, get building and get you into your new Little Ships home so you can get on with your life in an affordable, decent and secure home.

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Terms and Conditions

You must be a resident, worker or student in your chosen town or city, be 18 years or over and have the right to live in the UK.

We’ll need you to lobby your council (or public body) to release their under-used greyfield and we’ll need help fundraising to cover some of the early expenses before our backers come in.

Donations welcome

Although we're a non-profit organisation we still have overheads, so any donation helps.

Get in touch if you want to invest.

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