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Millions of people, especially the young, are having their plans and dreams ruined by the lack of affordable, decent and secure homes. This is the Housing Crisis.

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Little Ships. A not-for-profit solution to the Housing Crisis

A shortage of land to build new homes is one of the main causes of the housing crisis, excessive profit on the sale of new homes just makes it worse.

If we could show you a not-for-profit solution to build three quarters of a million homes on under-utilised publicly owned land that is immediately available in the UK’s cities, towns and villages, would you be interested?

Little Ships Housing Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit social enterprise property development company, registered at Companies House, that will identify these sites very soon, and with others, go on to build them.

Our mission statement is to increase the quality and diversity of new housing for everyone. These potential 750,000 new homes would be on existing under-utilised publicly owned land all around us in our cities, towns and villages. It does not mean building on our beautiful countryside or on our valuable public open spaces.

Little Ships' first target projects will be in Brighton. Once we've hit our fundraising target and made a start, we'll expand to the rest of the UK. Let's start fixing the housing crisis, together.

Crowdfunding help

Select the £1 reward for a Little Ships Lottery ticket to get the chance to win a flat in central Brighton or Hove for 10 years...

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