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Millions of people, especially the young, are having their plans and dreams ruined by the shortage of affordable, decent and secure homes. This is the Housing Crisis.

Little Ships. A not-for-profit solution to the Housing Crisis

Did you know that in areas of acute housing crisis, such as London and Brighton, build cost makes up less than half the price of a new home? The remainder is mostly excess profit and inflated land cost.

If we could show you how to remove excess profit and create affordable housing on land that is immediately available in our cities, towns and villages, would you be interested?

Little Ships Housing Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit social enterprise property development company, registered at Companies House.

Our mission statement is to increase the quality and diversity of new housing for everyone. There could be many new housing projects on existing under-utilised publicly owned land all around us in our cities, towns and villages. It does not mean building on our beautiful countryside or on our valuable public open spaces.

Little Ships' first target projects will be in Brighton. Let's start fixing the housing crisis.

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