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LS Ref.190107

This is a funny little site that will provide just one home. It’s in a highly prominent position near the railway station and is in a conservation area although the adjacent building is not listed.

We predict it will be a Marmite building. People will love it or hate it. When we announce the proposal will keep a weather eye on public reaction if it’s a majority vociferously against, we will drop it we’re not in the business of making enemies. Otherwise we will make a planning application and see what the council thinks of our radical idea.

As with all our initial schemes this will be financially viable on its own.

  • Number of homes − 1
  • Total development cost − £300,000
  • Location − be revealed
  • Difficulty − Easy
  • Controversy − Popular
  • Ownership − Highways Authority and Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Current status − Site identified
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