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LS Ref. 190116

This is an assembly of council owned homes and private landlord owned homes, most of which are either official or de-facto HMO's being let out to students.

We are currently in negotiations with the private owners and once we have agreed terms with them, we will approach the council and see if they want to join in with the assembly to create a much bigger site. The council are not essential but their involvement would create a much larger project. We would of course re-provide the council tenants with newer, warmer and better homes as part of the deal.

The proposal would be for approximately 100 flats (depending on how many properties form part of the site assembly). These would likely be 100% affordable. We will also consider 100% affordable student accommodation scheme given the very high rents being charged for new build student accommodation in Brighton.

  • Number of homes − 100
  • Total development cost − £20,000,000
  • Location − be revealed
  • Difficulty − Hard
  • Controversy − Popular
  • Ownership − Multiple ownerships
  • Current status − Site identified
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