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LS Ref. 190114

This is actually a 100% private owned site assembly, so not strictly speaking a proper Little Ships site, however we're including it here because the founder Hugh Dennis has been working on and failing to assemble the site for over a decade now, along with many other developers.

There are four freeholders who own this group of houses on a prestigious seafront location in Hove. We know what all the owners want financially and it’s far too much for a private sector developer to make it work. A comprehensive redevelopment of the site has therefore been stalled for decades for this very reason.

When Little Ships has sufficient resources we will go back to the owners on this site, if it's still undeveloped, and see if we can make the site happen then. If they still want too much, then so be it. We can't force private owners to redevelop under-utilised land.

  • Number of homes − 85
  • Total development cost − £16,500,000
  • Location − be revealed
  • Difficulty − Hard
  • Controversy − Popular
  • Ownership − Multiple private owners
  • Current status − Site identified
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