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LS Ref. 190111

This is an unusual NHS site. Currently it has an old facility which will stand in contrast with the exciting redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital site when it is finished (we’re not talking about the Brighton hospital site which is a development site in itself).
The NHS may have plans for Little Ships site no. 190111, in which case we would be interested to see them because we believe there is additional scope for 72 flats to be built above a brand-new replacement NHS facility at lower levels on the site.
The Royal Sussex County Hospital redevelopment shows how a phased intensive redevelopment can work on an active hospital site successfully with a good contractor and project management.

  • Number of homes − 72
  • Total development cost − £18,500,000
  • Location − be revealed
  • Difficulty − Hard
  • Controversy − Unpopular
  • Ownership − NHS
  • Current status − Site identified
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