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Kingswood Street Police Station, Air rights

This opportunity is to the rear of the present police station on the east side of the city. This was an area that once thronged with shops and businesses and houses. However, much of the area was deemed to be unhealthy by the 1930s and the properties were bought up by the Council before being demolished and replaced by the present Law Courts and Police Station. Click here for more history of this site.

We spoke with officers who work at the station who said the loss of any parking spaces would create operational problems. Our approach maintains the vehicle access and parking (and provides shelter from the rain). There will be a mix of studio flats, 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed homes. Initial designs and a capacity study suggest at least 27 new homes. Ideally, these would be for police officers, support staff and their families.

The cost of building over the car park is very high, we expect so much so in this case that the scheme would not be viable for a private-profit developer. We think the scheme is viable though for a not-for-profit developer, such as Little Ships.

  • Number of homes − 27
  • Total development cost − £6,300,000
  • Location − Brighton and Hove
  • Ownership − Police
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