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King Street Way

This site is situated in King Place, an unprepossessing cul-de-sac leading off North Street and today given little attention. Yet right up until the 1950s this was a busy thoroughfare of shops, businesses and houses, before it was swept away during the re-development of the 1960s, and much of the old street was lost under a multi-storey car park. Click here for more history of this site or read on to see what we'd do with it.

We think the best type of home to put here is a 4 bedroom courtyard house. This unusual suggestion comes from the tricky location which has big privacy problems. The west boundary is a garden fence to homes so we can't look that way or be above that and the eastern boundary is a well used cut-through footpath with an ugly carpark backdrop which means there would be very little privacy for outward looking ground level windows.

The courtyard house is a traditional solution in historical situations where you needed to keep bandits out (especially ancient Rome and Marrakesh). Nowadays, it's just privacy we need, but the walls do the same job. Inside there is a quiet, calm and beautiful courtyard around which the living rooms and bed rooms are (mostly) arranged, a modest version of Old Morroccan and Roman town houses. A single specimen tree in the courtyard draws from minimalist japanese design.

Outside the house, we need planting to keep nature present (although currently scrubby, the existingg bank has got plants and insects) so will propose new semi-mature specimen trees and shrubbery (to be decided). 

  • Number of homes − 1
  • Total development cost − £400,000
  • Location − Brighton and Hove
  • Difficulty − Easy
  • Controversy − Ambivalent
  • Ownership − Council
  • Current status − Site identified
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