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Haverstock Hill

This car park is part of Haverstock School. Building on school premises will always be controversial, but let's put that to one side for now and look at the opportunity itself.

There is scope for 8 no. 2 bed, four person flats above this car park. Most schools have these sorts of opportunities, it seems sensible to make this scheme 100% affordable for teachers which would help with staff retention.

Little Ships will develop the site, the public body (the school in this case) would receive the rent as an income instead of a capital payment, paying off the development cost over a long period of time, just like a mortgage. At the end, they keep the units on their land.

Public bodies often don't like to receive cash because it can negatively affect their budgets, or simply be taken away by government. This is like a Tied Cottage which is a long established traditional method for an employer to provide a home for their staff in the UK. We're just updating the idea for the 21st century.

One of the reasons for the housing crisis is the fact that money is taken out of the housing cycle by taking profit on the land deal and the development process to pay for things other than new homes. Little Ships will keep the money in the housing cycle.

  • Number of homes − 8
  • Total development cost − £2,000,000
  • Location − Camden, London
  • Difficulty − Easy
  • Controversy − Ambivalent
  • Ownership − LEA
  • Current status − Site identified
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