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Fleet Road

The Royal Free hospital in Hampstead is a sprawling complex and is particularly inefficient as it bumps into South End Green along it's Fleet Road boundary.

Our proposal is quite simple. Rep;ace the surface level car park with a new multi-storey parking facility (if it's still needed of course) hidden behind three distinct new buildings completing the street frontage onto Fleet Road with shops (or possibly health facilities) on the ground floor. The homes would be on the floors above. The development cost includes the new ground floor facilities and the replacement car parking.

There will be a legion of competing interests here of course as various clinics, departments and even trusts will likely use the car parking. The hospital may have plans to build a new facility here. If they do, they can tell us what they want and we'll integrate it into a mixed use residential led development. The NHS will probably move slowly unless the GLA., Camden Council or Homes England step in to direct the better use of this site, which they have the power to do so.

If it comes on the market, we'll bid for this site. Our comments on Crowndale Road don't apply here. The site would need a detailed and expensive design to be commissioned before it could be taken forward. We're prepared to do the necessary work.

Did you know there's another 8,000 of these sorts of sites in greater London. The average size of each site is 10 new homes. That makes 80,000 new homes that can be built on publicly owned under-utilised land in Greater London that is available NOW.

  • Number of homes − 26
  • Total development cost − £8,500,000
  • Location − Camden, London
  • Difficulty − Hard
  • Controversy − Ambivalent
  • Ownership − NHS
  • Current status − Site identified
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