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Crowndale Road

London is full of these bizarre little sites that at first glance seem un-buildable, but then you look closer...

We employed a brilliant young architect to look at this site who found a way of getting an exciting town house on a funny shaped bit of land owned by Camden Council. Unlike the small Brighton house project (which we estimate costs roughly what it's worth to build and therefore many not be interesting to people who are motivated by profit), this site has a clear surplus.

It's not plain sailing though. It is right next to a conservation area, so the planners may get twitchy. There could be right to light issues with the neighbours, someone at the council may moan about losing a parking space and there'll be a bunch of other issues to contend with, as with any building project.

As and when Camden Council put this site on the market we'll bid for it, but will probably lose now we've shown everyone what a brilliant building we designed for it. We won't be making a habit of giving our designs away for free though. We'll pick up some of the other 8,000 sites in Greater London that we will identify and catalogue as soon as we've completed our start-up fund-raising.

  • Number of homes − 1
  • Total development cost − £800,000
  • Location − Camden, London
  • Difficulty − Medium
  • Controversy − Ambivalent
  • Ownership − London Borough of Camden
  • Current status − Site identified
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