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Albion Street

Leicester City Centre is full of odd little gaps like these. Many of them are not economically viable to re-develop because the owner needs the land and the land isn't worth that much. In a few instances, such as here, the air right can be re-developed with out th land owner losing too much space below (they will of course lose a little space due to structure, access stair, storage, etc.).

This small site is diffreent to Camden and Brighton where values are very high and there is scope to pay for the site. Here it's very unlikely that the site will be worth anything to the owner, but again, we think that if we're careful with build costs, that a small house could be built here that someone could call home and with good architectural design, could improve the street scene as well.

  • Number of homes − 1
  • Total development cost − £250,000
  • Location − Leicester
  • Difficulty − Easy
  • Controversy − Ambivalent
  • Ownership − Local Education Body
  • Current status − Site identified
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